The Leading, Trusted Supplier of Wholesale Organic Ingredients

High Quality Organics is the leading, trusted provider of wholesale organic ingredients in North America. For decades, we have been supplying organic spices, herbs, teas, blends, grains, and more in bulk to food companies. All our products are certified organic and GMO-free. They are the best for you, your business, and the planet.

Sourcing High-Quality Organic Ingredients for You

Staying true to our name, we partner with hundreds of family farms in more than 40 countries to deliver organic ingredients of the highest quality. We go to great lengths to establish personal relationships with the farmers and make sure they meet high standards of quality and safety. We believe that the success of any food company starts at the source – how the produce is grown.

Helping You Develop New Food Products

Apart from our expertise in sourcing high-quality organic ingredients, we have an experienced R&D team that will help you develop any food product. Our team has more than 15 years of experience in flavor formulation.

Work with us, and we will help create new bakery products from select herbs and spices, new pizza sauces from the latest blends, or new tea flavors from custom blends made to your specifications. Whatever you need, we know where and how to get it.

Running a Sustainable Business

Everyone we work with — from our growers to our customers — gain value with our business transactions. Our partner farmers receive a fair wage, our employees gain new skills, and our customers get the highest quality ingredients available in the market. In addition, with our eco-friendly, sustainable practices, the planet benefits, as well.

While we are based in the US, our reach goes beyond the States. In fact, our office in the Netherlands serves the European customers with the same excellence. So, wherever you are, you can partner with us to reach success in your industry.

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