Your Business Fuels Our Love

2015 marked another outstanding year of growth for High Quality Organics. None of the statistics below would be possible without you, our customers.

Thank you for your trust and commitment to HQO and to organics. Together we are planting “Seeds of Growth” that positively impact farmers in faraway places, girls in Rwanda, high school students in Los Angeles and everyday people in Reno, Nevada.


In 2015 High Quality Organics continued to grow the footprint of organic agriculture across the globe. We helped 190 farmers become certified organic and put more than 1,500 new organic acres into production. We also assisted growers in eight different regions obtain market access for their organic products.

At HQO Headquarters in Reno, Nevada, we added 14 new products to our inventory of over 260 organic ingredients. With all the custom blends and cuts we provide, our product list is now well over 1,000.

Our double digit growth and more than 10.2 million pounds of organic product running through our facility in 2015 allowed us to promote seven employees and created 30 new jobs.

While we worked hard to grow, we also took time for the important things. Every single box that comes into our facitilty is recycled. In 2015, that equated to 139 tons of cardboard!

HQO has begun a scholarship program for college-bound inner city youth pursuing a math or science degree. This year we awarded two scholarships to high school graduates in Los Angeles.

We also continue our support of an all-girls school in Rwanda where we provide an organic seed and agriculture curriculum so young women can learn how to run small organic farms of their own. 64 young ladies graduated from the school this year and many received full-ride scholarships to universities around the world.  What exciting “seeds” we are planting at this school!

And all of this would never have been possible without you, our customers. Thank you for allowing us to pursue our love of organic ingredients. Watching how organic agriculture and organic food create tides of positive change in communities large and small all over this great world is what we truly love to do.  Happy Valentine’s Day!