Organic Wheat Grass

Wheat Grass

Latin NameTriticum aestivum

Origin: China

Aroma: Aromatic, grassy, hay-like

Flavor: Grassy and hay-like flavor

History: This grass what popularized in the 1930s when it was documented as having amazing nutritional benefits. It has since become popular to grow in a tray for a week and taking “shots”. However, when such great nutritional discoveries were made, it was observed on natural wheat grass. The nutritional content in deeply rooted wild wheat grass is about 4 times the potency of that in it’s quick-made kitchen counterparts.

Farming/ harvesting: Many companies offer quick start kits for this extremely popular at-home herb. However, for organic wheat grass with the aforementioned nutritional content, many harvesters still use traditional tools such as handheld sheep shears or corn sickles.

Culinary applications: Shots, smoothies, drinks, soups and stews

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