Trends from BioFach 2016


High Quality Organic’s European Team: Ryan Powers and Stephan Companger

As a leader in organic ingredients, High Quality Organics makes a point to attend BioFach in Nuremberg, Germany every year.  BioFach is the largest organic tradeshow in the world, with over 48,000 attendees from 130 different countries and 2,325 exhibitors. This year, our European team showcased some of our top-selling superfoods maca root, kale powder, turmeric, quinoa and yerba mate while members of our North American team walked the show, met with suppliers and took in the trends that are taking shape in the European market.  Below are the top trends our team saw at the show.

Superfoods – This area of the food industry appears to be constantly evolving. This year our team saw a lot of maca, kale, turmeric (known as curcumen in Europe) and baobab in everything from smoothies to energy bars.

How are these superfoods being used? You can learn all about organic maca root in our product highlight sheet here. Organic kale powder is a versatile superfood being used in smoothies, baked goods and snack foods while turmeric is expanding its reach into teas, rice dishes, smoothies and juices. If you’re interested in purchasing bulk supplies of organic maca, kale and turmeric powder, you can contact a HQO sales representative at 775-971-8550 or email us.

Coconut  – Coconut water took North America by storm a few years ago, growing 50% between 2013-2015, and while the growth of coconut water has slowed, it’s still showing double digit increases year over year.  At the same time, other coconut-based products (oil, flakes, sugar) are making a stronger presence in the marketplace.  During the show, our team saw several uses of coconut products in a wide variety of food products.

Biodynamic & Demeter Certified – This was the number one trend our CEO, Raju Boligala, noted at BioFach.  All of us at HQO were stumped. We knew about biodynamic but had never heard of Demeter. Low and behold it’s the oldest ecological certification in the world! You can learn more about biodynamic agriculture and Demeter certified product in our latest video here.

Plant-Based Proteins – While only 6% of Americans claim to be vegan and 7% claim to be vegetarian, over 36% of Americans prefer to use plant-based alternatives when it comes to animal products. Additional research shows anywhere from 26%-41% of people are consuming less animal products than they did a year ago.  So, what does that mean for the food industry? Consumers are seeking out more plant-based food solutions, especially when it comes to protein.  At BioFach, our team noticed a significant amount of hemp seeds, quinoa and chia seeds in a variety of foods, especially baked goods.

HQO sampled organic smoothies with kale powder and organic yerba mate (a naturally energizing tea) during BioFach 2016.

HQO sampled organic smoothies with kale powder and organic yerba mate (a naturally energizing tea) during BioFach 2016.

Digestion-Focused Foods – More and more people are learning that the health of our body is largely related to the health of our gut. Probiotics, yogurt and kefir have, as a result, seen significant growth in recent years. (Probiotic supplements grew 30% year over year in 2013 according to Eric Pierce of New Hope Media.) Other products that encourage digestion or are anti-inflammatory have also been growing. Two very popular items noted at BioFach were ginger-based a turmeric-based drinks. Ginger, long known to aid in digestion, has been available in tea form for some time.  However, we’re seeing it pop up in more beverages like fresh-pressed juice and smoothie mixes. As noted above, turmeric-based juices and smoothies were also seen in abundance.

Ready-To-Eat Organic Shelf-Stable Meals – More and more consumers are demanding convenient foods that are equally nutritious. Millennials are driving this need and food companies in Europe are answering with shelf-stable meals that are certified organic. Our team saw several new products throughout BioFach.

Organic Cotton Clothes – While it still remains a small segment of the organic industry, organic textiles growing. In fact, the Organic Trade Association’s 2016 Industry Survey notes that organic fiber (mainly cotton) is the fastest growing portion of the non-food segment and its expected to grow even faster in 2016, at roughly 16%. During BioFach, Our team witnessed many organic cotton clothing products and noted they definitely had more of a presence than years past.

Were you or members or your company in attendance at BioFach this year? If so, what trends did you see?