Top 5 Trends at IFT 2016

ift16logoEvery July, more than 20,000 food technologists from nearly 100 countries come together at the Institute of Food Technologist’s (IFT)  Annual Meeting and Expo in Chicago.  This year, High Quality Organics’ very own Micah Bowser, Food Scientist and Project Manager, was in attendance. He shared with us five key themes he saw throughout the show.

Protein: Specifically, protein sources to replace animal protein (meat/milk/whey) are exploding. Pea, rice and insect proteins were the most popular. I’d say this is the biggest trend as far as product development.

Fiber: Beginning to rival protein, fiber is becoming more popular as a functional ingredient. Many companies were pushing proprietary formulas of high fiber ingredients. This fiber trend is why whole fruit and vegetable powders are trending in the supplement industry. Juice powders and concentrates don’t contain pulp, the fibrous part of the fruit that is pressed out during extraction.

Whole Fruit Powders: Taking a nod from the fiber trend, whole fruit powders were mentioned in several places throughout the show. The supplement industry appears to be driving the demand for these products.

Organic Flavors and Colorants: I saw a lot of new companies showcasing organic flavors and colorants derived from fruit and vegetable extracts. This really speaks to the clean label trend we have been seeing for a while.

Organics – In general, I noticed a lot of companies promoting new organic lines or additional organic SKUS. IFT typically doesn’t have a strong organic pressence but this year there was a definite increase in organic ingredient and product mentions.

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