What is Sustainability?

Since the beginning, High Quality Organics’ (HQO) number one priority has been sustainability. As the largest wholesale company solely dedicated to sourcing 100% certified organic ingredients, HQO is committed to all aspects of sustainability and social responsibility.


Long-­‐term value for the entire supply chain

From our organic family farmers and employees to our customers and owners, we work each and every day to create more value to all parties involved in our business. HQO participates in the Fair Trade certification program – to ensure fair wages for our growers – and provides only the highest quality certified organic ingredients to our customers. We understand that value takes into account quality of life, safety, fair prices and customer satisfaction.

Environmental preservation and conservation

A large part of organic agriculture is the intense focus on working with the land instead of against it. HQO is committed to combining the knowledge of ancient wisdom and modern-­‐day science and using it to assist our organic growers in producing a crop that enhances soil biodiversity, water retention and production. Instead of using chemicals or

synthetic fertilizers, our organic growers use only natural, non-­‐gmo products. We also focus on sourcing ingredients where they are indigenous; resulting in reliable production and a high quality product.

Socioeconomic vitality

75% of the poor and hungry live in rural areas and depend on agriculture as a way of living. This startling statistic drives home the point that all food manufacturers have a great responsibility to source food that is sustainably grown and paid for with fair wages. HQO takes this responsibility seriously. Our CEO and Vice President of Supply Chain spend a significant amount of their time traveling with the world and meeting with our family farmers to ensure fair prices are paid and quality of life is respected.


Don’t take our word for it. As a 100% certified organic supplier, we follow strict rules and regulations and have the paper trail to prove it. If there is ever any question about the authenticity of our product, we will happily supply the paperwork needed to ensure our ingredients are 100% certified organic and often times certified Fair Trade.

Our commitment can be summed up quite simply in our values, the code every HQO employee works and lives by: Sustainability, Quality, Reliability, Food Safety, Innovation, and Wellness.divider-part

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