Bulk Organic Herbs, Spices & Ingredients on Sale

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High Quality Organics (HQO) is one of the largest suppliers of bulk organic ingredients. We supply companies large and small with certified organic, non-GMO herbs and spicesgrains and other culinary ingredients. HQO provides:

 Hundreds of bulk organic GMO-free ingredients in stock and direct from farmers
 In-house research and development support for custom and proprietary formulations
 Cuts and blends to your specifications
 Private label and custom packaging

February Ingredients On Sale

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Minimum Order Quantities: 100 pounds for single ingredients and 300 pounds for blends.

Organic Lime Flavor, Powder (LIMPWD-FPUSA)
Organic Onion, Powder (ONPWDZ)
Organic Chipotle, Whole (CHIPWHL)
Organic Mexican Oregano, Whole (OREWHLMEX)
Organic Celery Seed, Ground (CELGND)
Organic Onion, Granules Roasted (ONGRNRST)