Wholesale Organic Herbs and Spices


Product Type: Leaf & Ground
Bulk Quantity: 50 Lb. box or bag

Origin: Egypt, Peru, Spain, Turkey, Morocco

Aroma: Aromatic, characteristic

Flavor profile: Pleasant, savory

History: This herb has been a medicinal herb for ages, recommended for the plague, poison, and given to soldiers to boost bravery. The Victorians believed that a patch of thyme in a forest meant fairies were dancing there the night before.

Farming and harvesting: The peak flavor for thyme is just before blooming, as with most other woody stemmed herbs. It is cut close to the ground, and for dried thyme, hung upside down to dry.

Culinary applications: Herb blends, pastas, soups, stews, meat dishes, chicken dishes, savory cuisines

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