Wholesale Organic Herbs and Spices

Sesame Seed

Product Type: Hulled & Black
Bulk Quantity: 50 Lb. box or bag

Origin: Bolivia, China, India

Aroma: Mild, characteristic

Flavor profile: Typical, nut-like

History: Sesame seeds were possibly one of the first condiments, and one of the first plants used for their oil. Legends say that the gods drank sesame seed wine the night before they created the earth.

Farming and harvesting: The sesame plant produces these seeds, which fall off upon maturity. To harvest, the whole plant is cut just a few inches above the ground and hung upside down in a bag. The sesame plant-filled bag is suspended for up to 3 weeks, until all of the seeds have fallen. The plant is removed and the seeds sifted and stored.

Culinary applications: Baked goods, Asian cuisines, and oils

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