Wholesale Organic Herbs and Spices


Product Type: Chopped & Ground
Bulk Quantity: 50 Lb. box or bag

Origin: Argentina, Egypt, Morocco, Peru, Spain, Turkey

Aroma: Highly aromatic, pungent evergreen aroma

Flavor profile: Aromatic and slightly bitter, astringent, balanced sweet and camphor like.

History: It was worn by brides for centuries as a symbol of fidelity and love. It was also used in a lotion to wash the feet of a thief, a process thought to stop criminals from committing crimes anymore. It was also used medically as a cure for the cold, plague, and for anti-aging properties.

Farming and harvesting: This perennial plant has quite a long lifespan, though it is sensitive to cold temperatures. It is harvested by simply cutting the stems of which shoot up and contain plenty of leaves on each stem.

Culinary applications: Savory dishes such as chicken and meat dishes, soups, stews, vegetable dishes

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