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Product Type: Ground
Bulk Quantity: 50 Lb. box or bag

Origin: United States

Aroma: Intensely smokey, spicy and sweet

Flavor Profile: Smokey, spicy and characteristic

History: The name chipotle translates as ‘smoked chili’, fitting for this smoke dried jalapeño. This Mexican inspired flavor is a favorite for chili and other Mexican-American cuisines.

Farming and harvesting: The jalapeño you traditionally see in a grocery store produce section is the unripened version of what is used for chipotle. These jalapeños are left on the bush much longer until they turn bright red, and then longer for the moisture to dissipate. Those are then picked and laid in a closed smoking chamber. They are smoked for several days, until the pepper is fully dried and it is well mixed with the smoke flavor.

Culinary applications: Mexican foods, especially chili, and other Mexican-American dishes.

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