Wholesale Organic Herbs and Spices


Product Type: Whole, Decorticated, Ground & TBC
Bulk Quantity: 50 Lb. box or bag

Origin: Guatemala

Aroma: Highly aromatic, camphor aroma

Flavor profile:  Pungent and sweet, strong cooling sensation

History: This spice was discovered about a thousand years ago by the Vikings, where they introduced it to Scandinavia, its first origin of popularity. Most of the world’s cardamom came from southern India, where it grew wild in hills named Cardamom Hills.

Farming and harvesting: When the topmost seeds turn brown, the plants are ready to be harvested. Once harvested, it is dried by heating and then crushed into powdered form.

Culinary applications: Used in glazes, syrups, marinates, rubs and sauces

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