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Product Code: 24BUCKWHL
Product Type: Buckwheat

Origin: We source our organic buckwheat from Canada and the United States.

Aroma: Mild

Flavor: Mild

History: The buckwheat crop was harvested in China in the 10th century. By the 14th century it was spreading to Europe and shortly after the 17th century it made its way to New York. It has been recommended for people with anemia, and hypertension.

Farming and harvesting: Buckwheat grows best in wet cool weather, where it will bloom quickly. Ten or eleven week old Buckwheat is harvested by either windrowing or direct combining.

Culinary applications: Buckwheat is a very popular ingredient in gluten free recipes, a rapidly growing trent. It can be used in many ways, especially breakfast foods. Find recipes for crepes, granola recipes, hot cereal, muffins, pancakes.

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