Bulk Organic Grains

High Quality Organics is excited to be offering a growing line of certified organic and non-GMO grains. Our products include popular ancient grains: quinoa, chia seeds, hemp, buckwheat and teff. We’re constantly adding more products to this category so please contact us if you don’t see what you’re looking for.

  • Black Chia Seeds

    Origin: We source our organic black chia seeds from Mexico. Aroma: Odorless, characteristic,
  • Buckwheat

    Origin: We source our organic buckwheat from Canada and the United States. Aroma: Mild Fl
  • Corn Flour

    Origin: We source our organic corn flour from the United States. Aroma: Barely perceptible
  • Potato

    Origin: United States Aroma: Characteristic, faint, reminiscent of potatoes Flavor:  
  • Quinoa

    Origin: Bolivia, Peru, United States Aroma: Nutty, characteristic Flavor: Good
  • Teff

    Origin: Netherlands Aroma: Odorless Flavor: Mild, nutty flavor H