Our Fair Trade Organic Products

High Quality Organics proudly supports farmers and their communities by following the Fair Trade Certified program. Available in bulk, our Fair Trade organic products range from yerba mate and black organic teas to cardamom and cinnamon organic spices.

What is Fair Trade Certified?

Fair Trade Certified is a team of leaders that promote an equitable global trade model that primarily benefits farmers, fishermen, workers, consumers, industry, and the earth. It certifies and endorses products that empower the workers and provide environmental sustainability.

High Quality Organics only sources certified organic ingredients. We believe organic agriculture is the best way to protect the environment, farmers, and the future.

We partner with family farms located in more than 40 countries across the globe. In every transaction, we make sure farmers and workers are justly compensated. Our company also ensures meeting eco-friendly and best practices in farming, as well as in other succeeding processes in our supply chain.

We do our best to follow the Fair Trade model. Consequently, we have earned Fair Trade certification for most of our certified organic teas, spices, and other products.

What Does It Mean When You Buy Fair Trade Products?

When you buy Fair Trade products like ours, you don’t only ensure the farmer was paid a fair wage, but you support a larger effort, too. After all, Fair Trade Certified’s global trade model often results in many great community actions — from improving sustainable farming or business practices to helping build community centers, schools, and medical facilities. In other words, when you purchase products with a Fair Trade Certified label, you become part of the movement. You help change the way we do business, for the better.

If you want to know more about our Fair Trade Certified products, don’t hesitate to give us a call today.