Bulk Organic Extracts

High Quality Organics provides only certified organic and non-GMO culinary ingredients. While our start was in bulk organic herbs and spices, we now offer a growing number of product lines: ancient grains, teas, dried fruits and vegetables and extracts, to name a few.

Why Go Organic?

In a nutshell, organic culinary ingredients are best for you, your business, and the planet. A recent survey by the Organic Trade Association (OTA) shows that more than 80 percent of American households purchase organic food products on a regular basis. Most of these buyers trust the USDA organic seal as it means the labeled product is free of any toxic chemicals — and these buyers are not wrong.

Certified organic ingredients are grown without using any synthetic pesticides or fertilizers. Also, once they are harvested, organic ingredients do not undergo food irradiation or any treatment that involves antibiotics or GMOs.

By simply using organic extracts in your restaurant or company, you ensure that your customers receive the safest and healthiest food products. Plus, as mentioned, you’re likely to reach a larger market as more and more consumers now prefer organic products.

In addition, working with organic ingredients means supporting small, organic farmers across the globe. You help them earn a sustainable income while preserving the environment, as well.

Why Go High Quality Organics?

We are the leader in sourcing the highest quality and safest organic ingredients, including extracts. Our company ensures best practices — from planting the seeds to processing the ingredients for bulk orders. To put it simply, we are your partner in making healthier and more sustainable choices for your food company.

Our extracts line is the newest product line and we will be listing more products soon.  Please contact us if you’re looking for a specific extract and we will do our best to assist.