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Jalepeno Chili – Red

Bulk Quantity: 1 case pack minimum per item

Origin: United States, South America

Aroma: Characteristic, tangy and pungent

Flavor profile: Spicy-hot, true to type

History: Like much of the hispanic foods now used in Europe, the  jalapeño was first used in Europe after being introduced by Christopher Columbus. It was instantly successful there, where it became widely cultivated, though much of today’s jalapeño products still come from Mexico.

Farming and harvesting: Jalapeños are commonly picked and consumed while still green, though technically aren’t mature until they turn fully red. Most growers will discard of  the red peppers while some are saved to make chipotle, a smoked red jalapeño.  We offer both red and green jalapeños, and chipotle powder. These chilies grow on bushes less than 4 feet tall, and take approximately 4 months for the plant to grow full jalapeños.

Culinary applications: This versatile chile is used in many different dishes, especially Southwestern or hispanic foods. Try our dried jalapeños in cornbread, meatloaf, mashed potatoes, gravy, soups, stews, meat dishes, or other sides.

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