Organic Dried Fruit and Vegetables Wholesale

Green Onion

Bulk Quantity: 1 case pack minimum per item

Origin: China, Egypt

Aroma: Characteristic fresh aroma

Flavor Profile: Reminiscent of onion

History: Most researchers agree that onions have been cultivated for at least 500 years. They were used for a wide range of things including medicine for bloating, eyes, joints, and indigestion. It was also used as an object of worship- symbolizing eternal life. Similarly, onions were used at burials as it was thought to have the power to make the dead breath again, and at weddings to give a marriage the power to last a lifetime. Green onions are also known as scallions, and were thought to have originated somewhere in the Middle East, though researchers dispute the exact region.

Culinary applications: Rice dishes, soups, steaks

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