Organic Dried Fruit and Vegetables Wholesale


Bulk Quantity: 1 case pack minimum per item

Origin: Mexico, Egypt, United States, China

Aroma: Aromatic, penetrating and characteristic

Flavor Profile: Strong and spicy

History: While it may have been used in kitchens for centuries, celery was first used as medicine around 850 B.C. for treating the flu, arthritis, liver and digestion issues. Its stalks were used to weave garlands which have been found in Egyptian tombs.

Harvesting and processing: After celery is harvested, the stalks are dried and cut.

Culinary applications: Soups and stews, vegetable dishes, stir fry

High Quality Organics (HQO) is the largest North American supplier of wholesale bulk non-gmo certified organic herbs and spices, botanicals, ancient grains, dehydrated vegetables and fruits, teas and more. Our services include custom cuts and blends, flavor formulation, organic transition, new product development and custom packaging, to name a few.​​