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Rose Hips (Shells, Powder)

Latin NameRosa spp.

Origin: Chile, Croatia, South Africa, United States

Aroma: Sweet, fruity

Flavor: Sweet, tart

History: The rose is one of the most culturally significant plants in history. It has been a symbol of love and romanticism for centuries. Especially in art, where artists such as Monet and Renoir have favored roses in many of their paintings. As for consumption, roses have been used for centuries in medicinal teas to control stomach problems and improve digestive health.

Farming/ harvesting: Rose petals are usually harvested by cutting the rose just below the head, doing so to buds in early bloom will encourage them to bloom faster. However, when also harvesting rose hips, it is typical to let the petals wither naturally and then collect the hips.

Culinary applications: Rose buds are typically made into jam, jelly, soup, or put into tea while petals are usually used specifically for tea. Both rose hips and petals can be made into syrup.

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Bulk Organic Rose Hips