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Origin: Egypt, United States

Aroma: Menthol, cooling aroma

Flavor: Cooling menthol

History: Greeks and Romans used this herb to spice their meals and wine, and used it as a home fragrance. Some peppermint leaves have been discovered in several pyramids, suggesting that the Egyptians used it as a perfume for tombs. Peppermint wasn’t used in medicinal ways until the mid 18th Century.

Farming/ harvesting: Peppermint grows best in shaded areas, where they will grow rapidly. Only the tops of the stocks are used. As soon as the plants begin to flower, the leaves are collected and can be dried or used immediately.

Culinary applications: Used in an array of baking recipes, peppermint also makes a great tea, and can be made into an extract/ oil

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Bulk Organic Peppermint