Wholesale Organic Botanicals


Product Type: Flower
Bulk Quantity: 50 Lb. box or bag

Origin: Albania, China, France, United States

Aroma: Intensely aromatic, with a pleasant scent

Flavor profile:  Bitter, characteristic, with a floral note

History: This famously aromatic flower has been used for centuries. It was used by Egyptians in the mummification process, and to perfume their skin; a tradition that Greeks did as well. In the bible, Mary used it on baby Jesus and after his crucifixion. In the Renaissance, it was used to ward off infections. Its popularity grew immensely when the English queen grew a love for it and encouraged all ladies to perfume themselves with it.

Farming/ harvesting: THis short shrub is native to southern Europe, and northern africa and the mediterranean. The plant thrives in dry and sandy soil with lots of sunlight.

Culinary applications: Essential oil, baking, pairing with fine cheese

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