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Nettle Leaf

Latin NameUrtica dioica

Origin: Albania, Bulgaria, Hungary, Poland, United States

Aroma: Slightly aromatic, sweet, grassy aroma

Flavor profile: Mildly sweet, grassy flavor

History: Though this plant has been growing rampant for centuries, it has only recently been seen as an herbal remedy though some benefits have been recognized for centuries. Because of its clotting properties, pregnant women have been encouraged to drink nettle tea as their delivery date approaches.

Farming/ harvesting: This perennial plant goes dormant in the sinter, and loves moisture which is why it is commonly found near streams and in other places with excessive groundwater. Because it is covered with tiny spines, harvesting nettle can be a painful process. Harvesters are required to wear long pants, long sleeves, and thick gloves using long handled clippers.

Culinary applications: Tea

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Nettle Leaf