Wholesale Organic Botanicals

Juniper Berry

Latin NameJuniperus communis

Origin: Albania, Croatia, Poland

Flavor: Aromatic, sweet and spicy, reminiscent of evergreen

Aroma: Spicy and characteristic

History: Juniper berries have been found in Egyptian tombs, and were used by Greeks as an ancient medicine. Greeks also used them for the olympics because they were thought to increase physical strength.

Farming/ harvesting: These berries grow on small shrubs native to much of Europe. The berries take years to ripen, so both green and blue berries are found on the same bush. This is why they are hand picked. They are then laid out to dry, which is when the blue berries develop the blackish tint that you see in commercial juniper berries.

Culinary applications:  This berry is most famous for being the main ingredient in Gin.

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