Wholesale Organic Herb & Spice Blends

As North America’s leader in certified organic ingredients (all are non-GMO), we are proud to be known as some of the best formulators in the organic culinary trade. Our outstanding research and development (R&D) team creates blends that will help you develop a new line of food products — and stay competitive in the industry.

Excellent R&D Team

Our in-house R&D Chef Dawn, an accredited chef with over 15 years of herb and spice experience – is top-notch. But don’t take our word for it, the proof is in the sales of many of the “house” blends we’ve created below. From aromatic, salty, and spicy BBQ spice rub mixes to Mediterranean and salsa blends, we have many available bulk organic herb and spice blends for you.

In addition, we are available to assist you in creating a new product from scratch or reverse engineering your favorite conventional blend to organic.

Custom Blends Only For You

Our flavor formulation or blend development process begins with having a deeper understanding of your brand, vision, and product goals. We will spend ample time discussing your unique requirements and collaborating with you to meet those.

Then, using our large and worldwide supply of organic herbs, spices, teas, and botanicals, along with our team’s formulation expertise and knowledge of global food trends, we will develop your blend. You can count on us to ensure the blend meets your exact needs. All of our products are certified organic and can be Kosher certified as well.

Simply contact us to learn more about our custom R&D services.

  • All Purpose Seasoning - No Salt

    All Purpose Seasoning - No Salt Our organic no salt seasonings are some of the most popular blends we carry. This organic All Purpose Blend is good for chicken, vegetables, beef,
  • BBQ Spice

    This BBQ spice blend is an aromatic, salty and spicy blend of sea salt, garlic powder and other spices perfect for your barbecuing needs. Rub it on
  • Blackening Herbs

    This organic mixture of paprika, garlic, onion, sea salt, among other spices is an amazing blackening mixture to get your blackened chicken, fish,
  • Cajun Spice

    This blend of paprika, green and red peppers, and spice extractive are a great Cajun mix. The aroma is savory and spicy with a pungent, sweet and s
  • Chili Powder

    This blend of paprika, dehydrated onion, and garlic among other spices is perfect for spicy Mediterranean, Asian, or Hispanic dishes. It both spicy
  • Chipotle Blend

    This smoky and characteristic blend of paprika and chipotle powders is a great flavor for any dish that needs some kick. The spice can be turned up
  • Curry Blend

    This organic blend of vegetables, turmeric, and other spices is a savory, sweet and earthy flavor with a slightly camphor note. We also have sweete
  • Garlic Pepper

    This organic blend of garlic, red bell pepper, spices and sea salt is a pungent, warm and spicy flavor with a little sweetness. This blend will wor
  • Grilling Herbs - No Salt

    If you are looking for a grilling blend, this organic no salt mixture is a great choice. It contains several herbs and spices including marjoram, t
  • Herbs De Provence

    This organic blend is an amazingly refreshing mixture of spices. Its aromatic, sweet and floral aroma is followed by a refreshing, spicy and savory
  • Italian Herb

    Every Italian dish needs a good Italian spice blend and we may have the perfect one for you. Chose from a mild Italian, spicy Italian, Italian saus
  • Lemon Pepper

    Our organic lemon pepper blend contains flavors such as sea salt, citric acid, lemon oil, and others. It tastes sweet, citrusy and salty. Put it on
  • Mediterranean Blend

    we have several Mediterranean blends to chose from including Mediterranean tacos, seafood, and quinoa blends. They contain a mixture of dried veget
  • Mexican Blend

    This blend of spices and herbs is all organic and great for any Mexican dish. Among other spices it contains garlic, onion, arrowroot and sea salt,
  • Onion Salt

    This blend of onion and sea salt is all organic and perfect for so many recipes. Customize your own or use this as a base for other blends.
  • Pasta Blend - No Salt

    This pasta blend is a great no-salt alternative to other Italian blends. The aroma is sweet, savory and peppery with a balanced spicy flavor.
  • Poultry Herbs - No Salt

    This blend of peppers, paprika, garlic and other herbs and spices is perfect for a rub or marinade. Its characteristic flavor is a perfect mix with
  • Salsa

    Onion, tomato, garlic, and other organic spices come together for this wonderful salsa blend. Characteristic is aroma and flavor, it is a great sta
  • Santa Fe Blend

    This all organic Santa Fe blend is a delicious medley of organic herbs and spices including garlic, onion, sea salt, and chilies. Use it for an arr
  • Seafood Blend - No Salt

    This no salt blend contains carrots, onion, bell peppers tomatoes and several herbs and spices to make the perfect blend for any seafood dish. The
  • Seasoning Salt

    High Quality Organics will work with your company to customize any blends to reach the exact organic flavor profile you are lo
  • Veggie Blend - No Salt

    Carrots, peppers, onions and parsley are just some of the organic vegetables in this no salt blend. It is slightly sweet and mildly spicy, and can