Wholesale Organic Bakery Ingredients


Product Code: 24CORGND
Product Type: Ground

Origin: India, Egypt

Aroma: Aromatic, floral, sweet

Flavor: Aromatic, mildly sweet and fresh

History: Between the ancient Greeks, Spanish Conquistadors and the Renaissance, coriander became a versatile herb several centuries ago. It was used in medicine- believed by ancient people to posses strong abilities due to its odor. It has been found in Egyptian tombs, and used in love potions as it was considered an aphrodisiac.

Processing: These small seeds grow on the cilantro plant. Once they are fully matured and turn brown they are harvested by cutting the whole plant at the base. The plant is stored and shaken to remove the seeds which will fall off easily. They are then laid to completely dry.

Culinary applications: Use it with rice, on salmon, lamb, pork, carrots, in vegetable dishes and brines.

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