Wholesale Organic Bakery Ingredients


Product Code: 23CRNSTCH
Product Type: Cornstarch

Origin: United States

Aroma: Characteristic

Flavor profile: Characteristic

History: Cornstarch was first used in 1851 for starching laundry. It has since become a thickening agent in foods. Not to be confused with corn starch in the United Kingdom, where corn starch refers to corn meal or cornflour.

Farming and harvesting: The process used to make corn starch is called wet milling. Corn is steeped for 30-48 hours. Components are separated and ground individually. Those ingredients are then washed and dried.

Culinary applications: Corn starch is used to thicken, and to keep recipes from caking. IT is used in baby powder, powdered sugar, and as an anti-stick agent in things like gloves. An ingredient in some cheeses and yogurts, and as a source of glucose to people with GSD.

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