2019 Food Trends: Plant-Based Proteins

Plant-based foods are booming as Americans look to reduce meat consumption.

Plant-Based Protein 2019 Market Insights Slides
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This is the first of a series of posts we will be making on Top Food Trends for 2019. To kick it off, we’ll begin with what we believe is the biggest food trend of the year: plant-based proteins.

What once was a small category reserved for the 5% of Americans that consider themselves vegetarian or 3% that consider themselves vegan (that’s according to Gallop) has now become one of the fastest growing trends in consumer packaged goods. From dairy alternative beverages to sports nutrition and everywhere in between, the plant-based protein trend has hit mainstream with a vengence.

Why is the category growing?

There are a lot of reasons but the main one is quite simple: Americans are reducing their consumption of meat. According to a recent 2017 study by Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, 55% of consumers are reducing their consumption of processed meat and 41% are reducing their consumption of red meat. So while the number of Americans claiming to be vegetarian or vegan hasn’t changed since 2012, the number of Americans looking to reduce meat from their diet has grown considerably.

How do we know it’s a really big trend?

Even new quick serve restaurants are popping up regularly, entirely focused on this trend. Amy’s Drive Thru, a vegetarian fast food restaurant, is breaking ground on a third location this spring. Burger King just announced it will be offering the plant-based “Impossible Whopper” at several locations nationwide. (If you haven’t heard about the comotion Impossible Burger made at Expo West this year, you might want to read this.) When a food trend hits the fast food world, you KNOW it’s a big trend!

More Plant-Based Protein Insights

Curious to learn more about this top food trend for 2019? You can download our Plant-Based Protein Market Insights slides to uncover the powerful potential of the plant based proteins movement.